The mission of the TECC Conference is to provide opportunities for attendees to discover new and innovative ways to infuse technology and technology tools into instruction in order to create a more dynamic learning environment for our students.  Classrooms must include opportunities for students to demonstrate problem solving/critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills.  One particular program that accomplishes this is the BEST Robotics Program.  BEST Robotics, Inc. is a non-profit volunteer organization.  Although already in other parts of the state of Texas and around the country, there has not been a BEST Robotics Hub in the immediate Huntsville area until now. 

Under the direction of Dr. Li-Jen Shannon, a Computer Science Assistant Professor at Sam Houston State University, the new Hub – Southeast Texas Best (SET Best) was begun this past year.  Please visit the SET Best site at:    http://www.shsu.edu/set_best/

Since the mission of the BEST Program parallels the mission of the TECC Conference, the TECC Committee is collaborating with the SET Best Committee to bring you day filled with opportunities to observe and participate in effective technology infusion in practice.  You will experience not only the robots and the competitions among them, but also demonstrations by the team members of their research skills, marketing strategies, team exhibits, and team spirit/sportsmanship demonstrations.

The event will be held in Johnson Coliseum and the surrounding buildings where 21 teams of students from high schools and junior highs in Southeast Texas will compete for the Grand Prize.

We hope you will join us for this exciting event.  There is no charge for this event.  If you would like to volunteer at this event for a minimum of one or more sessions, you will receive a free lunch.

Documentation of CPE Credits will be provided to attendees who sign in and sign out.

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